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Welcome to Moments to Mountains,

we're so happy you're here!

MTM was born out of an idea that your milestone should be creative, beautiful and yours, no matter the budget. Co-founders Alisa and Sarah, believe that the planning process should be approachable, enjoyable and inspiring. Whether you want your special day on a moody mountain peak or at a cozy beach bungalow, MTM is committed to making your dream a reality. 


The lovely ladies behind Moments to Mountains met while living and working in Boston, MA in 2014. They bonded over a mutual love of craft beer, late night chats paired with a bottle of rosé, and a constant yearning to find their own, self-sustaining paths. Since then, both Alisa and Sarah left the city to pursue travel, professional growth and to experience more life along the way. Alisa has since settled into her new home in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont with her partner Jack and their cat Bob. Meanwhile Portland, Maine is lucky to have Sarah, her fiancé, Keith, and their pup, Everett.


Leave a Lasting Impression

Moments to Mountains was created out of a desire to do what we love and love what we do! My true passion is executing killer events that leave a lasting impression on our clients and their guests. I have a sharp eye for details, whether it be finding the perfect glassware or creating just-right lighting, I recognize the importance of the little things. As a project manager at heart, I enjoy managing timelines, coordinating schedules, and communicating with teams. 


I found event planning after becoming a COVID bride in 2020. Ten years of experience in the hospitality industry and my personal experience planning, postponing, and re-planning our wedding, guided my journey to collide with MTM. When I am not planning events, I can be found dining out, exploring new coffee shops, or hiking with my dog, Everett, and my fiancé, Keith. 


I value client relationships above all, knowing first hand the love and care that goes into planning the perfect event. I cannot wait to meet you!! 

Sarah Tatarczuk (she/her)

Co-Founder & Chief Planner


From the Tiniest Artistic Flourish

A hiker at heart, I’m all about the climb! The journey of working with clients to achieve their dream-come-true day, is my passion. From the tiniest artistic flourish, to pinpointing a magically adventurous venue, I strive to weave each client’s personality into every curated detail. My interest in event planning stems from my time working in the alcohol industry as an event marketer. After honing my skills in creative, one of a kind brand-centric events, I longed for more of a personal touch. I pivoted, and began managing a 30 room boutique hotel in the heart of stunning Stowe, Vermont. Here, I was able to focus on providing top tier customer service to guests from all over the world and working with clients on customizing exquisite events in one of the most beautiful mountain towns. 


As I’m sure with most of you, COVID-19 has allowed me to reflect on what is truly important in this life. I realized that we only have a fixed amount of time to pursue our passions and take chances. Moments to Mountains was born out of this idea that if work is what we spend most of our time on, and where we cultivate some of our closest relationships, then we should love it! I am so grateful that you’re here and have allowed me to take this leap. I can’t wait to meet and get to work on what inspires YOU!

Alisa Bunin (she/her)

Co-Founder & Chief Planner

Always look forward to the creative

With a background in event and digital marketing, I like to think I bring my own set of unique skills to the table! Joining the Moments to Mountains team allows me to flex my eye for the big picture and to dig into day-of operations and event execution. Having spent most of my professional time in the corporate world, I always look forward to the creative and exciting outlet that Moments to Mountains Event Planning offers! I'm so looking forward to meeting you and working with the MTM team to bring your vision to life!

Erica Smith (she/her)

Event Assistant

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